What to choose? What to wear? Flat shoes, high heels, mid heel, ballerina shoes and the list go on. How to know what shoe to wear with that beautiful dress of your dreams is one of the many “what to wear list” when it comes to accessories. It’s also not always helping to start looking into it too much as it will feel like you making yourself even more confused and unsure on what to choose. All of this can be painful and give one a truly big headache so to speak. So read on and find peace with a little advice.

Best advice I can give from my experience with many brides is comfort. Whichever shoe that might be for you. Maybe you’re the “Classy Lady Type” woman and you prefer to be on your heels most of the time so then your mind would already be made up on what to wear. I would say a shoe closer to your typical ballerina/pomp type shoe would be most comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable with a flat shoe go for a shoe with a mid heel, it can still be comfortable. 

Examples of shoes that can be comfortable: 

If you feel that this is way to flat for what you know and are use to you, can have a look at the mid heel examples: 

If none of these types of shoes catches your eye as “comfortable” or if you would not like to go for comfortable but rather for stylish, you can look at the high heel. Making a statement with the high heel, setting the standard of style and beauty then you can look into the big field of all choices available on the high heel collection.
Examples of your typically known high heel:

This is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the wide variety of the simple few words we know as the “Bridal shoe”.  We have the advance privilege of the world of technology, one of which we call the Internet and in it is a whole new world of ideas on its own. If you need any more assistance in making the right decision you simply let your fingers do the typing in your favourite search engine and whala you have the whole world’s bridal platform of ideas on screen. 

Tip to keep in mind: Always try to do your search by clicking your search engine’s image mode that will help you reach ideas much quicker.

I trust that this article was helpful and made you one step closer to making the correct choice. It’s important to make the choice of the bridal shoe for you and what makes you feel content!
Go searching for the Right One. . .

Yours faithfully,
The Wedding Pro Team